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About this time, Noel was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent chemotherapy and was clear of cancer for a while but it reappeared. Frank retired in the early 1980's and he and Noel moved to Wunda - y.
They had by this time built a house on the property that was designed by Garry. They were delighted to live opposite Joey and Jack Maslin who are gregarious people and included Frank and Noel in the Maslin extended family.

Glenda completed a Bachelor of Economics and Diploma in Education at the University of Western Australia in 1972. She worked with IBM in Perth for 15 years from 1976.

In 1976 she married Wolf Martinick an Environmental Consultant who grew up in South Africa.
They were married at Wunda - Y.
Wolf had been married before and has a son named Dirk born in 1976.
Dirk graduated from University in Human Resources. Dirk married Rebecca in 2003 and divorced in 2005.
He then married Marilyn Mauer in Singapore in April 2008.
Both worked with International Banks in Singapore. Glenda and Wolf have one son Kris, born in 1983. Kris is a very keen rugby player and is studying Chemical
Engineering at Curtin University.
He has a long time girlfriend, Lauren Weatherstone who is studying Commerce at Curtin University. Wolf has retired from his Environmental Consulting Business and now chairs a couple of publicly listed companies. He spends a lot of time travelling overseas.
Garry qualified as an Architect from the University of Western Australia in 1977. He married Kerry Smith in Busselton in 1977.

He met Kerry in Northam. They had 2 children - Brie born in Northam in 1981 and Jonathon born in Northam in 1985.

Garry first practiced as an Architect in Northam, then Busselton, Perth and went to Bunbury in the 1990's.

Brie graduated from the University of Western Australia with a degree in Psychology and is engaged to Jol Crawford-Moore. Joel is a policeman and they are currently living in Port Hedland.

Jonathon works in the Busselton area.

Garry and Kerry divorced in the late 1980's. He married Karen Carmen in Bunbury in 1997.
They have 3 children - Charlie born in 1998; Art born in 2000 and Hunter born in 2002.
They live in Bunbury where Karen works in the Government sector and Garry as an Architect.
All 3 children are at school and busy with extra curricula activities.

Noel died in 1986.

Frank continued to work the property and did locum work in Perth for Ken Harnes.

He sold the Bakers Hill property and moved to m
Mandurah in 1987. He married Lyn Mckenzie nee Rowe (Noel's older sister who was widowed in 1978) in August 1987.
Frank continued to practice as a General Practicioner in Mandurah doing locums for local practices.

He and Lin were members of the Soutrh Mandurah Tennis Club where Frank held a life membership.

They also played golf and enjoyed an active social life.

Frank retired from General Practice when he was 78 in 2000.

He and Lin moved back to Narrogin to live in July 2006.

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