Dr George Landon 1920 - 1921

No further information available at this time

Dr Kenneth Aberdeen 1919 - 1943

Photo Courtesy Jan James Collection

Practiced from 63 Duke Street.

He was at Gallipoli with Dr BEAMISH (who also later practiced in Northam).
Sent home to Kalgoorlie after contracting pneumonia to either recuperate or die.
Attained his FRACS (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) - one of the first to get it outside the metropolitan area in the 1930's.
He introduced mass vaccinations and gave himself a diphtheria vaccination on the steps of the hospital in front of all.
Brought a Physiotherapist over from Melbourne in 1936 - a first for the bush.
Foundation member of the tennis club.
At the time, different Doctors in Northam 'Specialised' in different fields. Dr Beamish did Obstetrics, Dr Bob thomas ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) and Ken, Surgery.
Travelled as far as Southern Cross and Dalwallinu.
These 3 doctors negotiated with the Unions a type of health insurance for the workers - 5 pounds per year for family cover.
In 1937 - 1938, an extra building was added on the side of the Duke Street Surgery.

Interestingly, traffic police were active back then and he was fined 3 Pounds for speeding!!
He died in 1952 at 63 years of age due to bowell cancer. He had been treated for it previously in 1945 at Melbourne but it reocurred. 

Dr Harry Leonard Chester 1949 - 1963

Examined men wanting to join the armed Forces for WW11.
Married to Amanda.
Was heavily into race horses. Retired to Greenmount.

Dr Frank Holland 1956 - 1980

Was a farmer's son from Narrogin. Did a lot of surgery and specialised in Surgery.
You can read Frank's story Here.

Dr Anthony Walsh 1955 - 1986/87

Was convinced by Dr Chester to move to Northam from Collie.
He had 7 children, one of whom passed away - Michael, who was an Opphthalmologist and used to visit Northam for Clinics there.


The Surgery moved to 16 Grey Street in the 1970's.

Dr Geoff Reynolds 1968 - 1992

He arrived from Africa and was known for the Bombay Bloomer's he wore.
Apparently worked with a Dr V.G.Woolley at one time. A Dr Stubber emailed to say he locumed there in February/August of 1954.
Arranged the first ECG machine.
He has passed away, as did his wife Judy at 91 years of age.
She taught piano at the house in Parker street.

Dr G.L.Lim 1980-1993

Renowned for his blunt manner. He was either loved or disliked.
Died from Leukaemia after moving to Perth.

The Original Northam Hospital

Dr Colin Smyth 1980 - Present

Longest serving GP. Married to Shirley and moved nack from Vanuatu. Have 3 children. Also lived at 63 DUKE Street initially.
Long running obstetric service -  of recent years - he alone.
Didn't love the 'Old Doc Smyth' sign the Staff/Doctors put on his door on his 60th birthday
Been involved in community through sports and church.

Dr Derek Wilson 1986 1994 (???)

Moved with wife Kelly. Ultimately left to follow his dream of becoming an Obstetrician.
Resides in Bunbury.

Dr Shane Wignell 1994-1995

Wife Maureen. Relatively short stay and moved on to drug and alcohol care then GP at Forrestfield.

Dr Richard Spencer 1994-Present

Trained in the UK with specialist training in General and Othopaedic Surgery.

Came to Northam after 5 years at Karratha.
Initially was able to do Emergency, General and Orthopaedic Surgery as well as Elective lists.
As the GOP Anaesthetic service dwindled, elective list's were reduced which he has ceased in the last 2 years.

Dr Stephanie Spencer 1994 - Present

Trained in Western Australia. Special interest in Palliative Care in the last 8 years or so.
Interest in Women's Health and Psychiatry within the surgery.

Dr Julienne Roe 2004 - Present

Was a Medical Student assigned to Grey Street to do her country rotation. Ultimately married a local farmer, had 2 children and currently works part time.
Special interest in women's and adolescent medicine.

Grey Street Surgery how it is today.

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